Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Laughing :)

Three months old :)

My little love bug,

It is true what they say, "the days are long but the years are short" - I can hardly believe how quickly three months have flown by, especially when some of the nights seem to last for eternity when you wake up every hour or two! For the most part you have settled into a better sleep routine - I give you a bath around 8:30 and then feed you and you fall asleep around 9:30 or so. Sometimes you will sleep all the way until 6:00 and other times you wake up sometime in the middle - around 2:00 or 3:00. Either way I am happy that you have stopped waking up every few hours like you were in the past :)

You are just the sweetest little guy - always smiling when daddy or I walk in the room. You have gotten used to your bouncy seat and will sit in there for quite awhile if you have a full belly and just talk away or suck on your fist. You have started showing an interest in some of your toys as well, especially your plastic keys and can pick them up out of your lap and get them to your mouth. Your hand eye coordination is developing nicely and I'm hoping your toys will entertain you more in the coming months. You also love your little green security blanket from Aunt Rhonda - you finger the fabric and try to stuff the whole thing in your mouth. You have gotten used to being in your car seat as well and will even fall asleep most car rides. You go out running errands with mommy quite frequently and do very well - you even seem to enjoy Target as you always wake up when I put your seat in the cart :) You are wearing 9 month clothes now - you have grown so quickly! I can hardly believe you were a tiny newborn just three months ago.

My favorite thing that you have learned this month is how to laugh. You just think your daddy is the funniest guy around - you lay on your changing table and laugh and smile away while he talks to you - it is the cutest thing I have ever seen or heard. I will be going back to work very soon and will miss you so much - I have gotten used to spending my days with you and watching you grow and learn. Luckily daddy has secured a job that will allow him to stay home with you. I must admit I am a bit jealous of the bond that you will surely grow with him however I feel so blessed that you will be in such good care and I won't worry as much about you while I am gone. You have certainly turned our lives upside down little guy in a good way - I am so happy being your mommy.

Here are a couple of pictures taken on your three month birthday . . .

and of course your bear pic:

Two month pic on top, three month on bottom :)

Month three pics :)

Here's just a couple of my favorite pics from the month:

Shots yuck!

I know I mentioned Christian's two month well check in his last month post but that's only because I was behind in posting so it had already happened :P His two month well check was actually not until well into his third month because there was no sooner appointments. The doctor checked him out and once again declared him "perfect" and then it was time for his shots. I had had a sick feeling in my stomach all morning and the night before knowing that he'd be getting them that day - there's nothing worse than seeing your child in pain :( I just had to keep telling myself that we are preventing a greater pain by having him immunized. The nurse came in and gave him three shots in his legs - he cried for a few minutes but was easily calmed and I thought the worst was over. I was very wrong - he slept a little after the appointment and when he woke up he was just miserable - crying harder than he ever had and whimpering as if he were still in pain :( I gave him tylenol as the doctor instructed and he finally fell asleep after a few hours of crying. After sleeping a couple of hours (longest nap ever!) he woke up in a much better mood - here he is recovering on the couch with daddy . . .

The next morning he woke up happy again - he did throw up once but it didn't seem to bother him so we aren't sure if it was related to the shots or just a fluke. I will be dreading his next appt coming up in November when he has to get more :(

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

San Diego!

On Christian's two month birthday we left for San Diego to spend the week with daddy while he was working down there. My mom was working there that week as well so she just upgraded her room to a suite so we could all stay together :) The first day we spent visiting with some friends of mine in San Clemente - they hadn't met Christian yet and I hadn't seen them in months so the day just flew by. We made it to the hotel in San Diego around 8:00 and Christian stayed with my mom and grandma so Joe and I could go grab some dinner. The next day Christian, my grandma and I headed over to the outlets - Christian is growing like a weed and needs new jammies every couple of weeks! After a bit of shopping we had lunch at In N Out and then headed back to the hotel to hang out until my mom got home. We had dinner at the hotel and then relaxed until Joe got off work to spend some time with us. Thursday morning Joe picked up his mom who was staying with some family in San Diego before heading back to Mexico and brought her to the hotel to see Christian. Then we all headed to the restaurant Joe was working out to meet Aaron and Kathie for lunch. Christian slept through most of it but I took a few pics anyhow :)

Friday we got up and packed everything up to head home. Joe had to stay and work another day but we were happy we got to spend the few evenings with him that we did and check out the new menu that he created :) It was nice to see Joe's mom one more time before she had to head home as well - Christian lit up as soon as he saw her - I know he misses spending his days in his abuelita's arms.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My happy boy :)

Another video I love :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Two months old :)

My sweet boy,

Yet another month has flown by and you have grown and changed so much in the past few weeks. At your two month well check you weighed 13 lbs 10 oz and were 23 3/4 inches - a big boy! You also had your first set of shots which of course you hated. You calmed down very quickly after the injections but had a hard time the rest of the evening and the next day. This is something I will dread every time - it just hurts my heart so much to see you in any pain. We struggled a bit with your tummy this month but the doctor prescribed Prevacid and you seem to be responding very well to it - I'm hoping you don't grow up to have mommy's sensitive belly. You are such a strong boy - you can hold your neck up steady for quite a long time - even your doctor commented on that. You are also started to push up with your legs while we are holding you almost as if you are trying to stand up already! You have found your voice and will lay on your changing table "talking" up a storm - it is the cutest thing I have ever heard. You love watching the movement and colors on the tv and you definetly recognize voices as you perk up as soon as you hear your daddy or I talking. You smile in response to us as well :) You track very well - following objects placed in your line of sight or me or daddy if we are close to you in a room. You are becoming a much better sleeper - waking up only once or twice a night now to eat. I am so amazed at all you have learned in just a few short weeks - I can't wait to see what developments the next month brings. While I can't wait until you are big enough to interact with us more, a part of me wants to bottle you up just as you are - you are just growing way too fast.

You had quite an eventful month - you were baptized the day after your one month birthday, spent a week getting to know your cousin Abigail while your grandpa was baby-sitting her for the week, got a new tummy time play mat that you love, attended the wedding of a friend of mommy and the 60th wedding anniversary dinner of great grandpa and grandma Lanoye, met baby Abigail and baby Blake who will hopefully become playmates of yours, took your first trip to the lake and first trip to the beach (although you didn't even make it to the sand at either place :P), took a trip to San Clemente to meet some good friends of mommys and then on to San Diego to spend a week with daddy while he was working, and of course had lots of little photo shoots with mommy :) You spent lots of your days with your abuelita and she finally had to go home on your two month birthday - I know you will both miss each other very much.

In two months you have changed our lives immensely - I can't even remember what my life was like before you and I don't want to. I love you more than I ever imagined it was possible to love someone . . .


Here are a couple pics that were taken on your two month birthday . . .

and a comparison of your one and two month pics with your bear - you are much chunkier now :)

1st Lake Trip!

Every summer my parent's rent a spot to park our RV on Lake Elsinore for the summer. This year since we were expecting Christian in the summer they decided it wouldn't be worth it since they'd be here waiting for him to come and then he'd be too little to go for some time. They did however take it down there for Labor day weekend which is also my dad's birthday so Joe and his mom and Christian and I went down Saturday and Sunday to spend some time with the family and have a small birthday celebration. It was much too hot outside for Christian to spend any time by the water so he and I hung in the camper most of the day until it cooled off in the evening but Joe got to do a little jet-skiing and his mom spent some time down by the water. Next year Christian will be big enough to play in the water with his cousins :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Month 2 pics

Here are just a few of my favorite pics from Christian's second month . . .

A few days shy of his two month birthday we had a little photo shoot on Grandma's bed and he was in such a good mood that I got tons of pics that I loved so I made a little collage of all his cute little expressions :) I want to remember all of them.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I can't believe another month has passed since I updated this blog - Christian keeps us very very busy! On Sunday, August 8th Christian was baptized at St. Catherine Laboure church in Torrance. His godparents are my brother William and my very best friend Jennifer who was also my maid of honor. He slept through the entire ceremony including when they poured the water on him! Quite a few people came to celebrate this occasion with us - all of the grandparents and great-grandparents, uncles and aunts and a few of Joe's friends from his softball team. After the ceremony we had everyone over for tacos and cupcakes to celebrate his special day. Here are a few pictures . . .

Christian's awesome cupcakes were made by For the Love of Sugar - they were delicious!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One month old :)

My dearest Christian,

I can hardly believe a month has flown by since we first held you in our arms. We waited nine long months to meet you and boy were you worth the wait. Your daddy and I both love you so much and have so many hopes and dreams for you - most importantly that you are always happy and healthy. You are a good baby, rarely crying unless you are hungry or tired. You aren't on much of a schedule yet - you sleep most of the day and wake up two or three times at night to eat. I have noticed that you are awake for longer periods between feedings during the day though and shorter periods after your nightime feedings. You are almost ten pounds already and have grown three inches since birth - you have outgrown all of your newborn clothes and some of your 0-3 month. You are drinking 3-4 ounces of milk every 2-3 hours. Seems like you are always hungry but I know you're just a growing boy :)

You spend your awake hours staring at your abuelita as she talks and sings to you in spanish - she's so in love with you as well and would hold you 24 hours a day if she didn't have to sleep. You spend the evenings alternating between rocking with Grandma Janet or sitting propped up on Grandpa's knees and love laying in bed with daddy when he gets home from work. You are starting to coo a bit, especially while you're getting your diaper changed which you are finally getting used to - you cried during most diaper and clothing changes up until recently. You are also starting to smile a bit and have the most adorable dimple in your cheek. You are a great sport while mommy takes your picture three or four times a week. You are such a strong little guy already - holding your head up steady for 10-20 seconds while on your belly on the boppy - tummy time should be a breeze for you.

You are growing and changing so much every day. I can't wait to see your little personality unfold.



A couple of pics taken on your month birthday :)

With your soccer ball from cousin Brian - he thinks you have great potential :)

Your one month pic with your bear - I'll take one every month to show your growth!

Fourth week :)

I cannot believe how quickly the time is flying by and my little man is already a month old! Joe's mom and I took Christian to the doctor for his one month well check on August 6th - my big guy is already 9 lbs 9 oz and 22.5 inches! He's growing so fast :( He doesn't see the doctor now until two months and he will get shots at that appointment :( Here are a couple of my favorite pics from this week - the first one is my favorite pic of him so far :)

Third week :)

Just another week of getting adjusted to being a family and trying to get Christian on a better sleep schedule with little success. Luckily he's a cute little booger so I actually enjoy staring at his face at 4am! Christian also had his first visit from Uncle Aaron and Aunt Kathie and a visit from my two favorite co-workers and friends - Karen and Michelle :) Here are a few of my favorite pics from the week . . .

Modeling his awesome onesie that was sent to him from one of my client/friends :)

First family photo shoot

I am a lucky girl - my bestie is not only a talented photographer but she is most generous with her time and has captured quite a few recent life events for me. Friday the 23rd she came over to take some family pics for us and did such a wonderful job - I am so thankful for the shots she got of my little family - I will cherish them always. Here are a few of my favorites . . .