Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One month old :)

My dearest Christian,

I can hardly believe a month has flown by since we first held you in our arms. We waited nine long months to meet you and boy were you worth the wait. Your daddy and I both love you so much and have so many hopes and dreams for you - most importantly that you are always happy and healthy. You are a good baby, rarely crying unless you are hungry or tired. You aren't on much of a schedule yet - you sleep most of the day and wake up two or three times at night to eat. I have noticed that you are awake for longer periods between feedings during the day though and shorter periods after your nightime feedings. You are almost ten pounds already and have grown three inches since birth - you have outgrown all of your newborn clothes and some of your 0-3 month. You are drinking 3-4 ounces of milk every 2-3 hours. Seems like you are always hungry but I know you're just a growing boy :)

You spend your awake hours staring at your abuelita as she talks and sings to you in spanish - she's so in love with you as well and would hold you 24 hours a day if she didn't have to sleep. You spend the evenings alternating between rocking with Grandma Janet or sitting propped up on Grandpa's knees and love laying in bed with daddy when he gets home from work. You are starting to coo a bit, especially while you're getting your diaper changed which you are finally getting used to - you cried during most diaper and clothing changes up until recently. You are also starting to smile a bit and have the most adorable dimple in your cheek. You are a great sport while mommy takes your picture three or four times a week. You are such a strong little guy already - holding your head up steady for 10-20 seconds while on your belly on the boppy - tummy time should be a breeze for you.

You are growing and changing so much every day. I can't wait to see your little personality unfold.



A couple of pics taken on your month birthday :)

With your soccer ball from cousin Brian - he thinks you have great potential :)

Your one month pic with your bear - I'll take one every month to show your growth!

Fourth week :)

I cannot believe how quickly the time is flying by and my little man is already a month old! Joe's mom and I took Christian to the doctor for his one month well check on August 6th - my big guy is already 9 lbs 9 oz and 22.5 inches! He's growing so fast :( He doesn't see the doctor now until two months and he will get shots at that appointment :( Here are a couple of my favorite pics from this week - the first one is my favorite pic of him so far :)

Third week :)

Just another week of getting adjusted to being a family and trying to get Christian on a better sleep schedule with little success. Luckily he's a cute little booger so I actually enjoy staring at his face at 4am! Christian also had his first visit from Uncle Aaron and Aunt Kathie and a visit from my two favorite co-workers and friends - Karen and Michelle :) Here are a few of my favorite pics from the week . . .

Modeling his awesome onesie that was sent to him from one of my client/friends :)

First family photo shoot

I am a lucky girl - my bestie is not only a talented photographer but she is most generous with her time and has captured quite a few recent life events for me. Friday the 23rd she came over to take some family pics for us and did such a wonderful job - I am so thankful for the shots she got of my little family - I will cherish them always. Here are a few of my favorites . . .

Second week :)

Not too much exciting happened the second week at home - we were lucky to have Joe home with us so we just spent some time together as a family, had a few visitors and went to the doctor for another weight check. Our little man was back up to his birth weight plus an ounce and the doctor was very happy with his growth. We also had a few photo shoots and worked on planning Christian's baptism and party :) Here are a few of our favorite pics from the week . . .

Monday, August 9, 2010

First appointment with the doctor

Friday the 16th was Christian's first appointment with his pediatrician. We were very anxious to see how much he weighed as he wasn't a very good eater the first few days and lost nearly a pound over the four days we were in the hospital. We were happy to hear that he was back up to 7 lbs 12 oz - well on his way back to his birth weight. The doctor talked to us a little about his sleep habits and how to clear his nose and told us to bring him back in one week for another weight check. She declared him "perfect" :) Here's a pic with Daddy and Christian waiting for the nurse to take his measurements:

The best birthday present :)

I'm way behind on posting since the little guy is already a month old but I'm determined to post in order and haven't had time to go back and catch up on all of my pics until now. Just two days after we brought Christian home from the hospital it was Joe's birthday! We went to dinner with my family and then had cake for him back at the house - I felt bad that we didn't do more, like he got kind of ripped off this year because we were so busy with the baby - Christian and I will have to make it up to him next year with an extra special celebration :)

A pic from earlier that same day - I love his eyes here :)