Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Holiday video :)

Daddy made this holiday video for Christian so I thought I'd share :)

1st Christmas Eve and Christmas

In my family Christmas eve has always been spent with my dad's side of the family and Christmas morning with my moms - this year was no different. We spend the eve at my Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Ray's house with my grandparents having dinner and opening presents. Christian was passed from person to person and even took a little snooze. He was of course spoiled by all and received many wonderful presents.

Christmas morning was spent at home - my mom made her usual Christmas morning brunch of biscuits, eggs and cheese sauce with bacon, sausage and fruit - yummy. William and Katie came over with the girls and Grandma Paula and Uncle Stanley joined us as well. Here is Christian with his loot from Santa

and some other pics from the morning - reading his new book with Grandma

in front of the tree he "helped" pick out

and his stocking made by Grandma with love :)

All in all I'd say his first holiday season was a success - of course more exciting for mommy than baby. We are looking forward to next Christmas when he will have a better idea what is going on :)

Pre-Christmas events

In the weeks leading up to Christmas Christian had a few holiday related photo shoots, went to pick out a tree with mommy and grandpa (actually slept through picking out a tree :P) and of course had a visit with Santa Claus - here are some pictures from the festivities . . .

Waiting in line to see Santa

With the big guy himself

Christian also had his first taste of cereal which he had mixed feelings about :P

and his first taste of baby food which he enjoyed

These two events were actually after the week after Christmas but I don't have enough pics to warrent a seperate post - a visit to the San Juan Capistrano train station with mommy and daddy while mommy was on vacation from work

and his first time in his crib :)

not sleeping, just hanging out in there to get used to it in preperation for the transition from his rock and play sleeper

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Month 6 pics :)

Christian had quite an eventful sixth month with events leading up to Christmas, his first Christmas eve and day and starting on cereal and pureed foods. Before I get into specific events here are a few random favorites from the month:

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Five months old :)

My sweet little dude,

Lately it seems that I blink my eyes and a week has flown by - the time is just going so fast and your fifth month was no exception - especially with the holidays and mommy's work and photography. You seem to learn something new every day now - you are "talking" up a storm - you don't make any sense most of the time but you love to sit and babble to your toys or daddy or I - you know how to raise your voice as well when you want something and don't think we are getting it or doing it fast enough :P You love to chew on anything you can get your hands on - especially your keys and love to watch tv in your swing in the living room and poker in bed with daddy. Daddy claims the voices on the poker shows are soothing to you :P

Thank you for all of the happiness you bring to our lives - we both love you so much and love to see you smile and laugh and learn and grow.



Here is your five month bear pic (4 month on top, 5 month on bottom):

First Thanksgiving!

My mom always hosts Thanksgiving with both sides of my family and a few close family friends - this year Joe's good friend Ed joined us as well :) First on the agenda we had to have a little shoot in Christian's first Thanksgiving shirt:

Then Christian hung out outside with daddy and the boys (it was a little chilly out :P):

Then he went inside and hung out with some various family members :)

And then slept . . .

and slept some more . . .

I'm sure next Thanksgiving will be slightly more exciting for him :) We have so much to be thankful for this year - a roof over our heads, good jobs, good health, great friends and a loving family and of course our newest blessing - Christian <3