Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pre-Christmas events

In the weeks leading up to Christmas Christian had a few holiday related photo shoots, went to pick out a tree with mommy and grandpa (actually slept through picking out a tree :P) and of course had a visit with Santa Claus - here are some pictures from the festivities . . .

Waiting in line to see Santa

With the big guy himself

Christian also had his first taste of cereal which he had mixed feelings about :P

and his first taste of baby food which he enjoyed

These two events were actually after the week after Christmas but I don't have enough pics to warrent a seperate post - a visit to the San Juan Capistrano train station with mommy and daddy while mommy was on vacation from work

and his first time in his crib :)

not sleeping, just hanging out in there to get used to it in preperation for the transition from his rock and play sleeper

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