Tuesday, April 12, 2011

1st Christmas Eve and Christmas

In my family Christmas eve has always been spent with my dad's side of the family and Christmas morning with my moms - this year was no different. We spend the eve at my Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Ray's house with my grandparents having dinner and opening presents. Christian was passed from person to person and even took a little snooze. He was of course spoiled by all and received many wonderful presents.

Christmas morning was spent at home - my mom made her usual Christmas morning brunch of biscuits, eggs and cheese sauce with bacon, sausage and fruit - yummy. William and Katie came over with the girls and Grandma Paula and Uncle Stanley joined us as well. Here is Christian with his loot from Santa

and some other pics from the morning - reading his new book with Grandma

in front of the tree he "helped" pick out

and his stocking made by Grandma with love :)

All in all I'd say his first holiday season was a success - of course more exciting for mommy than baby. We are looking forward to next Christmas when he will have a better idea what is going on :)

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