Saturday, January 8, 2011

Five months old :)

My sweet little dude,

Lately it seems that I blink my eyes and a week has flown by - the time is just going so fast and your fifth month was no exception - especially with the holidays and mommy's work and photography. You seem to learn something new every day now - you are "talking" up a storm - you don't make any sense most of the time but you love to sit and babble to your toys or daddy or I - you know how to raise your voice as well when you want something and don't think we are getting it or doing it fast enough :P You love to chew on anything you can get your hands on - especially your keys and love to watch tv in your swing in the living room and poker in bed with daddy. Daddy claims the voices on the poker shows are soothing to you :P

Thank you for all of the happiness you bring to our lives - we both love you so much and love to see you smile and laugh and learn and grow.



Here is your five month bear pic (4 month on top, 5 month on bottom):

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