Sunday, January 2, 2011

Four Months Old :)

Little mister,

Mommy didn't get a chance to write to you on your actual birthday and now the details of the month are kind of fuzzy but I do know that the biggest change for you this month was that mommy went back to work and you started spending every day with daddy. I was a little nervous about leaving you since you don't always eat well from a bottle but you did a great job and hardly gave daddy a hard time. At your 4 month check up you weighed 16 lbs 10 oz and were 26 inches tall - you're a big boy! You did a little better with your shots this time - I think they're much harder on mommy and daddy than they are on you.

It is so much fun watching you grow and learn new things - daddy and I love you so much.


Here's your 4 month bear pic (3 month on top, 4 month on bottom):

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